Car parking services need not be one-size-fits-all. A parking facility may provide a variety of services tailored to different users, including convenient short-term parking for shoppers and delivery vehicles, long-term parking for commuters and residents, and special arrangements when appropriate for commercial users.

Karabo takes pride in

  • Effective and smoothly running parking space management
  • Control and measurement of services
  • Optional utilisation of personnel, services cost reduction
  • Increased reliability of your entire facility

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Our mission statement is met by providing

  • A pleasant and courteous service
  • Safe and well-maintained parking facilities
  • Enforcement that promotes voluntary compliance with parking regulations
  • Parking for special events
  • Management of information resources pertaining to parking facilities and parking customers
  • Proactive planning for future parking needs

It is the goal of Karabo to provide safe and well-maintained parking for visitors, and to provide effective and courteous customer services.


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Karabo Parking Solutions
Karabo Parking Solutions
Karabo Parking Solutions

checkHow We Work

Our clients should feel confident that they are entrusting their car park operation to a committed partner in their value chain.
Every customer should experience the Karabo parking experience with “peace of mind”.

In addition, we strive for excellence and seek to maintain the highest ethical, moral code of conduct in our social and business dealings. We exercise leadership through teamwork, respect the dignity of all people and we place great value executing our tasks.
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checkOur Commitment to You

At Karabo Parking, we are committed to providing our clients with:
Efficient service delivery & response; providing a conducive and favourable work environment; a recognised brand that your clients have come to know and love; and a reliable service offering.
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checkOur Support

Our value added services aim to ensure that you have the best parking management system on hand. Parking Management is something you should not have to worry about – because we do.

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