Hannes Botha | Karabo Parking MD

Hannes Botha

(Managing Director)
082 098 2771

With more than 20 years of parking management experience, Hannes is a forceful and direct “bottom-line” oriented person who is forward-looking, progressive and competes to attain goals. Described as being curious, with a wide range of interests, incisive and critical in problem-solving activities, Hannes continually seeks new horizons and conceptualises the imaginative.

Stefan Oosthuizen | Karabo Parking Operations manager

Stefan Oosthuizen

(Operations Manager)
063 691 5929

Beginning his parking management career soon after matriculating, Stefan worked his way up swiftly and after 1 year 11months at the age of 20, was promoted to operations manager. In only two months he had the biggest portfolio and was part time a junior auditor whereby he learned the Zeag Pay on Foot extensively.

Grace Smith | Karabo Parking Operations manager

Grace Smith

(Operations Manager)
078 147 3389

A dynamic lady who strongly believes in loyalty, honesty and trust, Grace has a fiery passion for the parking industry due to her unique and individual management style, and strong work ethic. Grace has proven herself over and over again by maximizing the revenue of the property groups which is assigned to her countrywide portfolio. Integrity, attention to detail and implementation are the key to Grace’s successes.

Zandre Colombo | Karabo Parking Financial Manager

Zandre Colombo

(Financial Manager)
060 960 5594

Zandre is a conscientious and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed. Being a Financial Manager at her young age shows her tenacity, hard work, and reliability. She is resourceful with excellent organisational and staff management skills, combined with the ability to prioritise a substantial workload. She is able to successfully receive, assimilate and evaluate information quickly in order to complete any task efficiently. Zandre has a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion.

Elri Cruse | Karabo Parking Human Resources Manager

Elri Cruse

(Human Resources Manager)
072 709 9558

Elri Cruse was in the construction industry for eight years where she discovered her passion for people and thus pursued a career in Human Resources. Elri takes time to grow and develop herself, has an unwavering resolve and determination to make the company she works for more competitive. In her capacity as HR manager, Elri is given the opportunity to dig in and use her problem solving and follow through skills to improve daily operations. She is friendly, innovative, approachable and a good listener and her passion for people encourages her to motivate others to pursue their dreams in order to reach their full potential because ultimately it is the people who are the difference between a good company and a great company.

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